Survivor sucks big brother

survivor sucks big brother

Forum. Topics: Posts: Last post. Big Brother - Past Seasons Past Season specific threads go here. No Whining - Violators Will Be Humiliated. Topics: K. This has been talked about in other ways, but does everyone believe with 99% certainty that BB19 will be all newbies? A bunch of other people. I'd rather they allow Canadians on the American Big Brother. The producers could even taunt the other houseguests with the knowledge that. Ragan trying to tell them spieleaffe spieleaffe all homophobic for not liking. Loved her in Cagayan. Survivor Redditor List slot machine game names Reddit usernames for Survivor contestants and media. It's sort geld besorgen like: Kevin looks Caitlyn Jenner .

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Big Brother Prepared Me General Survivor Discussion Re: Not what twitter superfans think. What a fantastic idea! Erika Janelle went through another season of being hated, but this time it was more out of jealously from a lot of the houseguests due to her competition wins. American Idol Thanks for the memories pending ABC's reboot Subforums: It used to be HUGE all around the world. Share This Link Email to Friend del.

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Search by Season Flair: I'm afraid it's going to be a cheap knockoff and cancelled after 2 seasons. I think Neda, John, Emmett, Jillian, Canssandra, Godfrey, would be be fun to watch. Just like in scripted dramas, reality shows like this tend to have people that we absolutely adore and root for, and ones that we despise and want out immediately. As much as I would love an All-Stars, if it hasn't happened by now, it's never going to happen. Last edited by nintenfan on 15 Apr , It shocked people and caused a bit of an argument. There's certainly attraction for sure. Fit For a King. Benevolent dictatorship courtesy of Survivor Sucks Admin Idoits. Message board courtesy of Survivor Sucks member support. Alison Sorry, Ali, but you kind of made this easy on us.

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Perhaps Amanda Zuckerman, but she has a good career in real estate and is planning a wedding so would be a newlywed by Season And after being tainted with James, Nicole, and Jason in , I am looking forward to being vet-free. The problem is that to people in America there is literally no appeal to seeing Canadians on reality TV shows. The glory days are definitely a little past a decade ago. Holly Jase made it pretty easy for him to be hated in his season, which is why I was personally floored that he was voted in by America for BB All Stars. There is a super hive mind here. All icons, trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners. Forum Jump Survivor Sucks Lions, Tigers, Survivors - Oh My! Congrats Flo and Zac, winners of TAR29 Re: LOL "Believe me i got Neda! Mediawhores across Canada can breathe a sigh of relief. Big Brother-Past Seasons Big Brother-International Versions. Yuku free message boards Username or E-mail: MESS Hall Archive Re: Casino kartenmischer free message boards Username or Hier bin ich The thing is, this isn't some weird scary thing that only applies to the Survivor fanbase. I mostly check the Survivor Twitter thread and the RHAP thread, but other than that it's really not the type of discussion or conversations I want to have. Not to mention Global airs Big Brother anyway, so it couldn't be on during the summer. Between that and his CBS photo, the man seriously needs to learn how to dress and he'd be very hot. Let us not remember the horror that was BB Quebec, please. I saw the Abi from a day or so ago but other than that "I-unno". She thinks it will be hard to get Shelby to come back though especially with her law degree.

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